Bazzar Hotel X Shilda Winery

by Nia

Whether you love untouched nature, archaeological wonders, majestic mountains, rocky beaches, or medieval fortresses, Georgia has much to show. The Bazzar Hotel offers various guided tours to help you discover unforgettable and timeless locales throughout the breathtaking landscapes of Georgia.

Our Georgian tours provide an excellent opportunity to explore Georgian culture from east to west. One of our favorite destinations is Kakheti, the cradle of Georgian wine.

Shilda, a historical village in Kakheti, is well-known for its viticultural practices. Bazzar guests will be entitled to a 25% discount on wine tours, masterclasses, and restaurant service at Shilda Winery.

About Shilda Winery

With its exquisite wine assortment, the Shilda winery is located in the village of Shilda, the heart of Georgian viticulture.

Shilda winery was established in 2015, producing wine with the most up-to-date, energy-saving, Italian, and French equipment. The company employs locals, and the product is entirely based on our culture that is important to the country as a whole.

Shilda winery successfully manages to achieve its goal of preserving excellent quality through a harmonic blend of centuries-old traditions and innovations.

Currently, Shilda winery produces 17 varieties of wine, brandy, and grape vodka.

Wine Tasting and Tour

We can help you plan your one of a kind experience at Shilda winery to taste premium wines while admiring the astounding scenery. Explore the vineyards and cellar where the mouthwatering wines are being created. Leaving the winery without visiting a tasting room would be unimaginable: not only will you be able to sample delicious red and white wines, but also choose your favorite flavor including Saperavi, Kindzmarauli, Tsolikauri, Chardonnay, Krakhuna, Cognac, Chacha, and many others. You’ll get to choose your favorite flavor from premium brands such as Prince John Bagration, Rustaveli, and Kakabadze.

Shilda Restaurant

What could be more enjoyable than dining with a panoramic view of the Caucasus Mountains? Surrounded by greenery, the restaurant “Shilda” is an exceptional place located in the most unique area of viticulture – Kindzmarauli microzone. This place stands out with exquisite interior and high-quality service. You can enjoy delicious food accompanied by local wine to the sound of the polyphonic melodies of the Georgian folk band “Shilda.”

To book your experience contact us at or Tel: +995 32 2 228 444.