Bazzar Boutique Hotel in The Heart Of Tbilisi – The Historical Neighborhood

by Nia

Bazzar Boutique Hotel is an innovator in the modern lifestyle hotel notion, offering a unique experience thanks to the sophisticated and exquisite interior, authentic modern Georgian cuisine, captivating views, and historical neighborhood. To spark your curiosity, there is a lot to see on Orbeliani square, the beating heart of Tbilisi, From the famed flower market to cultural heritage sites.

Let us walk you through some of our favorite places in the neighborhood that will let you look at things from a different perspective.

Orbeliani Palace

If you wander around the neighborhood, you might come across an old-style building that is distinguished with its “Tbilisian meets European” architecture and carved exterior. It’s Orbeliani palace – built in the 18th century. The palace was renovated in 2013 giving it a modern-day look and now serves as the president’s palace where Georgia’s current president Salome Zurabishvili resides. The story has it that the original members of the house of Orbeliani and Baratashvili were her historical ancestors.

Flower Market

The Flower Market on Orbeliani square has been playing its role in keeping the heart of Tbilisi fully bloomed for several decades with the stunning tiers of bold, vibrant, and fragrant flowers.

Dry Bridge Antique Market

The Dry bridge was built over Mtkvari in the 19th century by Giovanni Scudieri. The river branch dried up in the 1930s giving the bridge the original name.

The dry bridge is famous for its antique market, crafts, souvenirs, and artwork, where you can find anything from typewriters and tapes, to antique utensils and souvenirs. Art lovers commonly visit the bridge to buy paintings of local artists too. 

The market is a vibrant spot to hunt around for unique, vintage souvenirs. Every piece has a story.  

Connecting with the street vendors is another aspect that makes the dry bridge so distinctively alive. The antique flea market is like a living organism that maintains and perpetuates the history and traditions of Tbilisi. Bargaining, mingling, and participating in the ancient flea market will all add to an unforgettable experience.

Dedaena and Skate Park

You will feel the youthful blood streaming through your veins the moment you reach Dedaena and skate park. The youngsters particularly enjoy the location since it allows them to meet like-minded people with whom they may

share mutual interests. The park, like the rest of the neighborhood, is a gathering place for both old and young generations.

The Bottom Line

Many other significant historical and cultural monuments can be found in the vicinity of Bazzar Boutique Hotel. The restoration of Orbeliani Square made the area the most authentic representation of old meets new, where traditional and modern coexist harmoniously without overshadowing one another.