About Us

Bazzar Boutique Hotel

Who we are?

Sitting in the buzzing historic neighborhood of Tbilisi, Georgia, Bazzar Hotel is the newest kid on the block. With its bold presence, Bazzar celebrates design with bespoke guest rooms influenced by the area’s rich and eclectic history. Bazzar is a true reflection of the urban neighborhood it lives in.

We are here to host every guest in a genuine, personalized way that is not scripted or transactional. Rooted in comfort, sophistication, design, and cultured Food & Drink concept – Bazzar offers a unique hotel experience that redefines the modern lifestyle hotel notion.

Here is what we promise: to be exceptional hosts and provide experiences that are far cry from the ordinary.

Guest Rooms

Inspired by the vibrant neighborhood, Tbilisi based design team has mixed high-quality organic materials with stark colors that add depth and dimension to each room. The sophisticated play of colors, texture, and light creates a unique sensory experience.

The 20 guestrooms and suites are bold and vibrant, each dominated with a large colorful floor rug, a mix of designer furniture, abundant natural light, and spacious, carefully curated bathrooms. The geometric patterns add charm and character to the space, permeating it with a newfound sense of contemporaneity. While design takes center stage, a lot of thought has been put into making all rooms functional and comfortable. Each lamp, table, curtain, armchair, or wall fixture has been handpicked and carefully embedded in the room. The design duo has performed a subtle and delicate intervention, lending the space its unmistakably modernist look.

Restaurant / Bar

Bazzar is about relationships, building and nurturing them. And because Gastronomy is deeply woven into Tbilisi’s cultural fabric, we designed the entire place so that our restaurant and bar become a canvas for social experience, a perfect getaway to exciting cultural and culinary pursuits amid the busy city.

The lobby, restaurant, and bar feel like a continuation of the guest rooms or vice versa. The attention to detail, texture and a carefully curated color palette begs for attention. The creative composition, geometric patterns, plants, and crisp modernist lines run throughout the entire hotel, forming its definitive look and feel. With its welcoming atmosphere, lively, colorful interior, and authentic modern Georgian cuisine, Bazzar imbues warm hospitality, charms the visitors, and sparks the conversation.

People who live and work in the neighborhood popping in for breakfast, lunch, or a quick coffee at our lobby and unwinding in the evening with a glass of wine or artisanal cocktails – that is how we envisioned it from the very beginning. Bazzar – a meeting point for the locals and hotel guests alike.

While design and aesthetics dictate Bazzar’s identity, staying intimate and personable remains at the core.


Bazzar Hotel is nestled in the heart of Tbilisi’s historical old town on Orbeliani Square. Formerly known as the Soldiers Bazaar, the neighborhood has always been a valuable common for the local community. Back in the day, it was a weekend meeting point for the Russian Soldiers. It is believed that many love stories were born in this area. The notorious flower market, a timeless hallmark of the magnificent square, the origin of which is traced back to the 19th century, is still present, albeit with a modernized look.

The word Bazaar – originates from Persian and, apart from its commercial function as a marketplace, associates with a meeting place, where people network, exchange goods, experiences, and information. Tbilisi’s markets have always been living, breathing organisms, preserving and continuing the city’s history, culture, and traditions.

Orbeliani square, to this day, remains the beating heart of Tbilisi. It perfectly mirrors the vibrant and diverse cityscape. That is why Bazzar Hotel makes a perfect starting point for discovering the city. The neighborhood is a fusion of the new and old Tbilisi. It effortlessly blends the colorful and rich history of the area that has changed its appearance throughout the decades.

The moment you step out of the hotel, you find yourself in an artisan-soaked street, dotted with an eclectic mix of cafes and restaurants, ice-cream shops, coffee bars, a honey laboratory, to name a few. The neighborhood is home to many of the local’s favorite landmarks – dry Bridge flea market, Dedaena park, skate park, antique shops, and cool cafes scattered throughout.

Some weekends see the Orbeliani Square itself transformed into a flea market. You’ll come across all kinds of activities, street food trucks, music performances, and people celebrating and enjoying life.