Restaurant / Bar

Bazzar is about relationships, building and nurturing them. And because Gastronomy is deeply woven into Tbilisi’s cultural fabric, we designed the entire place so that our restaurant and bar become a canvas for social experience, a perfect getaway to exciting cultural and culinary pursuits amid the busy city.

The lobby, restaurant, and bar feel like a continuation of the guest rooms or vice versa. The attention to detail, texture and a carefully curated color palette begs for attention. The creative composition, geometric patterns, plants, and crisp modernist lines run throughout the entire hotel, forming its definitive look and feel. With its welcoming atmosphere, lively, colorful interior, and authentic modern Georgian cuisine, Bazzar imbues warm hospitality, charms the visitors, and sparks the conversation.

People who live and work in the neighborhood popping in for breakfast, lunch, or a quick coffee at our lobby and unwinding in the evening with a glass of wine or artisanal cocktails – that is how we envisioned it from the very beginning. Bazzar – a meeting point for the locals and hotel guests alike.

While design and aesthetics dictate Bazzar’s identity, staying intimate and personable remains at the core.