Letter From Bazzar

by Nia


Chaos characterizes the old city bazaar spirit. It is chaotic, but in a good way. Ethnic, religious and all sorts of colourfulness, nevertheless – a tolerant environment. That’s the beauty of diversity. Etiquette, art, music, cuisine… in other words, core aspects of European and Asian culture gather into one space creating an alluring mosaic of customs. One can truly perceive Tbilisi like a handshake between east and west. What we should do is celebrate this uniqueness.

Acknowledging the gentle flow of time around us. Admiring the concept of change. This is what we represent. Contrasting, yet symbiotic cohabitation between the inner-city buildings reflects our entrenched tradition – devoting ourselves to maintaining the national authenticity and respecting the past whilst building a progressive future. This appealing leitmotif is felt all over the historic parts of the capital. Our credo as a hotel is founded on this very idea – to become solid guardians of this principle on an everyday basis.

Every carefully selected glass of wine, every hot bread right from the oven, every hello to a total stranger is what makes up a genuine Georgian experience. Sharing city heartbeat with our guests is what hospitality means to us. It is overwhelming how each path crossed in our hotel nourishes this heartbeat with new features. At Bazzar, it is all about the visions, thoughts we share with each other. And the ones we are unfamiliar with, we listen to with interest. Our mission is to cherish this heritage – rules of urban relationships and ongoing history of diversity.

We believe in many things, the most importantly – we are how we treat our guests. Inside our walls, there will always be people waiting for those who wish to be waited for.

May your journey be perfectly chaotic.

– Bazzar Boutique Hotel